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Primitive Clay Pottery I Made

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Primitive Clay Pottery I Made Empty Primitive Clay Pottery I Made

Post  Paleolithic on Fri Feb 01, 2013 2:54 pm

Here's just some example of earthen ware you can make in the field with no real equipment. These are pinch pots all made by hand from self-harvested local clay that was purified, shaped, and fired in a traditional manner.

Primitive Clay Pottery I Made 298734_204041743001566_100001872240308_527168_392928708_n

Primitive Clay Pottery I Made 300551_204041613001579_100001872240308_527167_900470979_n

Clay pots being placed on the coals of a fire to heat up, dry, and then be covered with ashes and fired. You in no way require a special kiln to do this, it's just careful drying, raising the temperature of the clay to a ceramic reaction, and then slowly cooling the pots.
Primitive Clay Pottery I Made 313054_204469102958830_100001872240308_528086_202014410_n
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