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So there I was...

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So there I was... Empty So there I was...

Post  andrew jackson on Sun Jan 20, 2013 4:40 pm

Balls deep in survivalistboards when doc pulls up in a white van black bags me and ummm now I am here.

Andrew Jackson is my alias, and my favorite president. If you are unfamiliar with him other than him being on the twenty (irony) then look him up. He is a hero of mine who I share many of the same beliefs.

I am a Marine. 0311 by trade. I joined the usmc late. I've been in two years and I will turn 29 this year. I have my bachelors degree but enlisted. I wanted to be a warfighter.

So here I am, ready to learn, ready to teach, and ready to fight for my country if called upon.

andrew jackson
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