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Survival kit

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Survival kit Empty Survival kit

Post  Doc_Shane on Sun Jan 20, 2013 4:36 pm

I have assembled and broken down a survival kit that can be pouch carried (I use a SAW pouch) or broken down to carry in the cargo pockets of BDU pants. It contains my "essential items".

The contents-
2x heavy plastic zip lock type bags
50ft of 550 cord
2x Mylar blanket
Lensatic Compass
Waterproof matches in a case
Esbit stove
6 Fuel tabs
Fire steel
Water purification tabs
wire saw
Leatherman multi tool
Old GI pocket knife
fishing hooks, weights and line
3 ft of duct tape
snare wire
3 tea light candles

The kit has essentials to secure the basics of survival- shelter, water, fire, food.

I will be adding some Mainstay rations to it.

This kit is to augment the other items that I normally carry daily-
CRKT tanto folder
Leatherman Supertool

"If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess highest seats in government,
our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin." ~Samuel Adams

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Survival kit Empty Re: Survival kit

Post  Jerry D Young on Sun Jan 20, 2013 8:25 pm

This is what I am building as part of my field kit. It is in a separate pouch so is part of a modular set of gear that can be rearranged for specific purposes when needed. I have most of the items, but not all. Still looking for just the right pouch. Currrently just packaged in some Zip locks for stashing in various places in the overall kit.

Survival Kit - I think most of these item are pretty self-explanatory

1 SAS Essential Survival Guide (compact version)
1 Buck 110 folding belt knife
1 Fisher black bullet pen
1 Storm-Saf note pad
1 BCB explorer button compass
1 Mag-Light Mini Maglight 2AA w/Terra-lux LED conversion
8 Energizer AA ultra Lithium battery in two carriers
1 magnesium rod/ferro rod fire starter
2 containers Lifeboat matches
1 8-pack Wet fire tinder
1 Bic lighter
1 leather bootlace to make fire bow
1 glass shot glass to make fire bow
4 Daytrex 4.2 oz water packets
1 Sawyer Point Zero Two Absolute water bottle purifier
1 10”x4” Maxpedition water bottle carrier
1 Storm whistle
2 neck lanyard (whistle & knife)
1 mini can Orange spray paint
1 1”x200’ orange survey tape
1 mini-Air horn
1 Starflash 3”x5” signal mirror
1 TrueFlare penflare kit (launcher, 12 flares, case)
1 emergency hooded space blanket
1 lightweight space blanket bag
1 tube tent
1 300’ 550 cord
1 P-51 can opener
1 old style beer can and bottle opener
1 SS table spoon
4 beef bouillon cubes
12 Millennium energy bars
1 fresh water fishing kit
1 gill net
1 1-liter water bag
1 coffee filter support sheath w/20 filters
4 sheets aluminum foil
1 Esbit stove/Tommy cooker
4 12-count Esbit stove fuel tablets
1 small roll Gorilla duct tape flattened
1 24 gauge x 55’ brass wire
1 pocket chainsaw
4 heavy duty garbage bags
2 Israeli 6” trauma bandages
12 Medique Medi-Lyte heat relief tablets 2-pack
4 alcohol prep pads
4 Pepto Bismo 2-pack
4 Excedrin 2-pak
1 Charmin To Go 55 sheet pack toilet paper
1 pair emergency sunglasses

Jerry D Young
Jerry D Young
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Patriot Laureate Emeritus

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Survival kit Empty Re: Survival kit

Post  ParamilUSMC on Mon Jan 21, 2013 12:56 am

C'mon guys, pictures; we need pictures. LOL

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Survival kit Empty Re: Survival kit

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