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Carbon VS Stainless

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Carbon VS Stainless Empty Carbon VS Stainless

Post  Highlander20068 on Sun Jan 20, 2013 12:58 am

I have various opinions on a carbon blade vs a stainless, what makes one better then another? well lets start with stainless, stainless is a softer metal it has less carbon an vanadium and tungsten, which makes it more brittle, but it does have a high chromium content which makes it stainless, ie it has more wear resistance, to rust, and other weather related exposures that can become a blade, stainless is sometimes though of as a hard steel to sharpen, it is in a way because the blade is softer and you don't need to be rough with it to sharpen and you don't have to put a lot of pressure on your sharpener while sharpening the blade, a lot of people make a mistake of putting to much pressure and or sharpening at a wrong edge, there are many types of knife edges out there, and you need to find what your is and either sharpening it at that same angle or completely redo your knifes edge, stainless is a good steel if your going to a wet and humid climate, although stainless is not truly "stainless" it can rust the same as any other steel which is why maintenance is often required with any blade, even if its a simple cloth wiping the moisture off the blade, which I recommend a microfiber cloth so as to not damage the blade, stainless or carbon. Now on to carbon, Carbon is a blade you can use in a dry warm climate and not have that much issue, but it can still rust, a good carbon blade will have less and some have no chromium content to protect them against the weather, however they do have high rates of nickel, vanadium and tungston, all help create a very hard edge and edge wear-ability, this means the edge will keep long and hold a truer edge then stainless, however when it comes to sharpening the blade the blades tend to be extremely hard and takes a good experienced sharper to create a good edge, if your not experienced i wouldn't try it. There are many types of carbon blades, some medium grades like the 10's 1095, 1085, 1065 etc, those are all really good steel for a blade, they are that sweet spot of not to expensive and not the highest end where you have to pay a ton for, all around they are used in a lot of military type knives and usually tend to have a long life of wear and tear, there are some that are real expensive like cpm3v steel that can be hundreds of dollars for 1 knife, but the blade is extremely strong, but in reality you don't need an indestructible blade if you use a knife for what it is made for, ie your knife is not an axe, batoning one will destroy it no matter how good the steel, take care of it and it will always be there to help you out, wether stainless or carbon, really think about where you are going and your environment, a carbon blade will need constant cleaning and oiling to prevent surface rust from building up, were as a stainless can be wiped off most of the time and you can go on but you loose strength and durability, so its kind of a tossup, whatever you buy, buy a good one and buy one that you need for what the task is for.


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