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Evolution of my ultralight kit

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Evolution of my ultralight kit Empty Evolution of my ultralight kit

Post  Paleolithic on Fri Feb 01, 2013 2:11 pm

This started off as a fun project for me as I wanted to create a light weight kit that could easily be carried around and had all my essentials. That was easy enough but the first attempt was rather... simple... and not very comfortable.

The idea was to have everything in the pouches that I needed, for the most part. The rolled up cloak would be carried over the shoulder or around my head and shoulder like the bedrolls of civil war soldiers. Inside of it, the mess kit and canteen were carried. Disregard the bowl in the corner, that was my weasels' water dish,
Evolution of my ultralight kit 101_0574

After some thinking on the kit and testing, it was refined and made into this. It weighed under 5lbs and still used the cloak for my bedroll. I took this on a week long trip with a friend i met on a survival forum. It works pretty good but the size doesn't allow for much room to carry food or tools made in the bush. I found myself having to make a basket and attach that to the side of it so I can carry the tools I was making as I went.
Evolution of my ultralight kit 101_1640

I figured to help cut down weight, I would make something useful of the P-cord, so I created a belt. This way, the cord is always on me and doesn't take up space and serves a functional purpose while being carried.
Evolution of my ultralight kit 101_1641

the weave
Evolution of my ultralight kit 101_1639

My belt buckle serves a purpose, too. It's piece of hand forged, high carbon steel that acts as an awl, belt buckle, cloak pin, and a flint striker.
Evolution of my ultralight kit 101_0573

If taking rabbits with weasels was legal, I would figure out how to take him with me.
Evolution of my ultralight kit Download-2

You can see the handle of a basket attached to my belt kit, but this is how I made my trek.
Evolution of my ultralight kit 101_3400

So, with that, I found some of the issues mentioned. I also did not like carrying something on my shoulder like that for far distances but I did enjoy the light weight and mobility allowed by the positioning of the buttpack and its size.

The next evolution was to something I now use and really really enjoy. It's the Duluth Pack, All Day Lumbar Pack. I enjoy this because I can put the everything in the pack and I moved my sleep system from my shoulders to the pack.
Evolution of my ultralight kit 101_4143

Evolution of my ultralight kit 101_4142

with my knives
Evolution of my ultralight kit 101_4146

Kit list:
1 paracord belt (~50 feet)
1 flint striker/awl/cloak pin belt buckle
1 lumbar pack
2 800ml stainless steel water bottles
1 scabbard
1 leuku (Big knife)
1 puukko (smaller knife)
1 compass case
1 compass
1 wool blanket with a poncho/tarp rolled up inside of it.
1 wide mouth canteen with nesting cup and accessories. (This used to be that Austrian surplus canteen in my pack, but I moved it to the outside of the kit to save room in the main compartment for extra water and food storage.)

First aid kit
1 small bottle of purell hand sanitizer
1 tube of triple antibiotic ointment
1 cylinder, sealed, with tweezers and safety pin
6 tabs diphenhydramine
4 tabs ibuprofen
1 antiseptic towelette
2 patch of mole skin
7 bandaid bandages
5 butterfly bandages
5 gauze pad
1 sting pad
1 compound benzoin tincture

Front compartment:
1 platypus
1 topo map (in plastic baggy)
1 USGI poncho contained within the compression sack
1 Aquamira frontier pro water filter (optional addition of 4 other changeable filters)
1/2 roll of toilet paper (in plastic baggy)
15ft paracord.
Fire Kit in plastic bag
1 shotgun shell filled with matches and match striker
1 ferro rod
1 bic lighter
1x headlamp
1 fox 40 signal whistle

I am working on the next evolution of this pack by expanding one of the canteen pockets to accommodate the nesting cup and canteen. Or, since I'm thinking about heading out west, I want to have an extra liter of water on me since puddle jumping isn't going to work as easily so I'm going to attach this to my bag. I haven't figured it out yet, but it will have helped me ditch that surplus mess kit and helped me move everything large to the outside of my pack saving the inside for food, extra socks, and ammo or to act as a game bag which I have used it for already.

Evolution of my ultralight kit 101_5118_zpsa29f5b3f

Ditching the stove and grill portion that came with it.
Evolution of my ultralight kit 101_5120_zps95cb47ce

Ideally, I will be ditching the other rest of the stuff pictured other than the nesting cup, canteen, and probably that pot holder. I will expand a side pocket to accommodate these.
Evolution of my ultralight kit 101_5121_zpsdbd3ad4c

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Evolution of my ultralight kit Empty Re: Evolution of my ultralight kit

Post  andrew jackson on Sat Feb 02, 2013 2:49 am

i love your kit. Simple, yet filled with goodies used for redundant purpases. I am impressed with that belt buckle.

Your kit stands a stark contrast to mine which I have made in another thread.

andrew jackson
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