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The process for an SBR

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The process for an SBR Empty The process for an SBR

Post  Paladin on Sat Jan 19, 2013 4:31 pm

I've gone through the process recently, and was surprised how simple it is to build a Short-Barrel Rifle (SBR). This is my first SBR, so I had to do some reading on a couple forums to make sure my paperwork made it through un-scathed. The ATF's had my paperwork for almost two months now, and I haven't had anything kicked back so far! But I am by no means an expert, so if any of you see anything incorrect or something that needs added, by all means, please do so!

The process I went through was as an "Individual". The ATF will let you apply as an Individual, or if you prefer, you can form an NFA Revocable Living Trust.

Individual- I submitted my paperwork as an "Individual" because I couldn't find a lawyer local to me that was knowledgeable of the NFA Trust. In fact, most of them seemed totally disinterested in helping me do a trust for a SBR M4. As an individual, when I die, my heir (my son) will have to apply for the NFA Tax Stamp to take possession of my SBR. Fortunately, he is aware of what he needs to do. I may end up doing a trust later on and putting the SBR on it to ease the transfer to my son. To begin the process you need a receiver that you will use to "manufacture" into a SBR. For me, I had a PWS AR lower that was collecting dust, so I used it. You'll have to request the paperwork from the ATF.

Trust-A lot of folks prefer to do the Trust, because you can add family members to your trust, so in the event of your demise, the rifle can be possessed by anyone listed on the trust. Another advantage to the Trust is that you don't need to submit fingerprints and passport photos, and don't need your local Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) to sign the Form 1.

Forms needed- When you order the forms, I recommend you get two of each. Your Form 1 (Application to make and register a firearm) will come in duplicate. You'll also need two fingerprint cards and a Form 5330.20 (Certification of Citizenship). When I ordered the Form 1, the ATF automatically sent me the fingerprint cards and Certification of Citizenship.

Filling out the forms as an "Individual"- Pretty straight forward. Ensure you complete it in duplicate (Form 1). Ensure your CLEO signs BOTH copies. You'll need a passport photo for each form. Go get fingerprinted at your local LE agency and make sure they use the ATF cards that have the ATF ORI# pre-printed on it. Once signed and filled out, attach your passport photos in the provided spaces on the Form 1 with a bit of tape on the back of the picture.
For the Certification of Citizenship, YOU are the certifying official (unless you are not a US Citizen).

Next, stick all of the above, along with a money order for $200 into an envelope and send it to the address provided on the Form 1. Now, be patient. The going average time for a SBR NFA Tax Stamp to come back to you approved is around six moths, from what I am told. While your waiting for the Stamp to come, find an engraver that can engrave your name, city and state on the receiver. This is required, and the ATF has standards for the size and depth of the engraving. I just found a place on-line (Orion) that was recommended for engraving receivers for NFA weapons, so they are who I'm using.

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