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Special Operations Medicine pt.1

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Special Operations Medicine pt.1 Empty Special Operations Medicine pt.1

Post  Doc_Shane on Thu Feb 07, 2013 11:33 pm

(This is the opening part of a book that I am writing, using existing pubs, EMT-P National Standards, and personal experience.)

Background- The SOF Medical Personnel operate as part of the team, with equipment limited to what can be carried on person and/or distributed among members of the team. The medic is capable of providing offensive and defensive small arms fire as dictated by the situation.

SOF Medical Personnel include members of the US Army Special Forces, US Navy SEAL's, USMC Recon Corpsmen, and AF Special Operations Command medical personnel.

Additional assets of air or ground evacuation are utilized as the tactical situation allows.

Scope of Care- The medic will operate in the Unconventional Warfare environment at the level of EMT-Paramedic while utilizing other skills taught in the SOCM and ADSOCM courses. The individual medic will work under the guidance of a Medical Officer to maintain proficiency in their skills.

Skills Proficiency- In order to provide effective care they must be able to recognize the injury, properly assess the situation, and initiate the appropriate care. Knowledge of anatomy/physiology combined with good patient assessment, hemorrhage control, airway management, basic and advanced first aid treatment are the basis of the training and practice of the medic/Corpsman.

The three leading causes of battlefield deaths-

1. Uncontrolled hemorrhage from extremity wounds.
2. Tension Pneumothorax (PTX).
3. Airway obstruction/injury.

Other causes of death-

Penetrating Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).
Penetrating Torso Injuries- areas such as the armpit which are not protected by body armor..
Mutilating Blast Trauma - typically from IED's.

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Special Operations Medicine pt.1 Empty Re: Special Operations Medicine pt.1

Post  ParamilUSMC on Sun Feb 17, 2013 12:46 am

When do you expect your book to be published? Pictures and diagrams are always the best way to help visual learners grasp what your trying to portray in your writing. I for one will buy your book when it comes out. After you are published you should think about putting together a course on combat medicine.

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Special Operations Medicine pt.1 Empty Re: Special Operations Medicine pt.1

Post  andrew jackson on Sun Feb 17, 2013 1:28 am

Book I want, now!

andrew jackson
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Special Operations Medicine pt.1 Empty Re: Special Operations Medicine pt.1

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